Mental & physical wellbeing


Streaming LIVE | Tuesday 5th May | 10:00 – 11:30 | By invitation only


Join brothers Jonny and Mark Wilkinson to find out more.

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Meet our presenters

JONNY WILKINSON – mental health & performance

I am totally fascinated by what we are all capable of.

Exploring potential and transcending limits has become my life’s mission. The revelations of this devoted path have totally uprooted my old conclusions about the world and enriched my interactions with other people. More importantly my investigation has introduced me to the capacity we all possess to respond to everything we encounter and, in doing so, define our own journeys. Herein lies Beyond and the ultimate keys to performance. Combining these inspired insights with skill exercises from the sports I am so passionate about, I have found the most powerful way to articulate and share my experience.”

MARK WILKINSON – Health and wellbeing

I am a “people person”.

I have consistently sought out those individuals who I feel have something special about them and have tried my utmost to absorb everything that I could. This has always been my way with the goal of passing it on for the benefit of others. I have found myself in the amazing position of having built a great deal of knowledge and
experience in the realm of physical health, wellness and performance and with Beyond it is the desire to work with like-minded others and be part of their own story that drives me.

Using our own experience and insights from on and off the sporting field, we offer up a different view of health, life and performance (and look forward to your questions).

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